Overview of Microsoft eDrive capable SSDs

eDrive is a Microsoft standard that was introduced with Windows 8 respectively Windows Server 2012. In brief, this is the combination of BitLocker and a Self-Encrypting Drive (SED). In other words a hardware accelerated BitLocker encryption. eDrive enables BitLocker to offload cryptographic operations to the device’s hardware encryption engine in order to increase performance and to enhance data security.

Microsoft’s requirements for eDrive capability are pretty clear. Devices must support TCG OPAL 2.0 specifications and IEEE-1667 access authentication protocols to be eDrive compatible.

To my knowledge, there are only a few SSDs that support Microsoft’s eDrive standard today.

  • Crucial M500
  • Crucial M550
  • Crucial MX100
  • Crucial MX200
  • Kingston SSDNow KC300
  • Intel SSD Pro 2500
  • Samsung SSD 840 EVO
  • Samsung SSD 840 PRO
  • Samsung SSD 850 EVO
  • Samsung SSD 850 PRO
  • SanDisk X300s

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